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Last November (when I moved into my new place) I decided to go internet & television free. Why? No special reason - I’m just super cheap and too lazy to make a makeshift antenna out of paper clips that would possibly pick up at best 2 channels. (I know I know-antennas are super cheap - just buy one. Well, I haven’t and I’ve made it through the last six months just fine! I think…) 

Anyway, there is a point to my ramblings above. While not having internet access at home for the past half year (at least access that is not on my phone) I’ve kind of forgotten about tumblr.. Honestly, kind of like I forgot about Xanga in 2006… That said, I knew I was bound to miss some cool updates and it seems I have. For instance, song posting powered by Spotify & Soundcloud!? Wow-za. Who knew? I sure didn’t know. 

So I’m utilizing it, y’all. I’ve been listening to the album ‘Out In The Light’ by Waters a whole lot lately. For me it’s this years ‘summer album’ even though it came out last September. 

Here is to my first post in six months [and eleven days]. I’ll see you all again six months from now. Totally kidding. 

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